What has George to offer?

There’s Only One George

George is the only working system that totally eliminates odors from diapers and incontinence material. And that in just 6 seconds!

Take George with You on Your Rounds

George is an entirely mobile machine, fully equipped with batteries and designed to navigate even the most difficult doors and corners; thus it can easily be taken on rounds. Used diapers are processed immediately on site before the unpleasant odor gets a chance to spread.

Disposal of the Used Diaper

Deposit the diaper in the handy receptacle. In just 6 seconds the diaper is packed in airtight foil. Odors that may escape during the process are also filtered in the machine. Result: odor-free diapers and no spread of bacteria.

Collection of the Odourless Diapers

The packaged odorless diapers are now ready for collection by Diaper2Care.  Instead of destroying them, Diaper2Care converts them into energy. So George creates a better circular world. For further information please contact Diaper2Care.

Benefits of George

George in action

“Unpleasant odors are a common problem in care centres. Certainly unpleasant for the residents and the caregivers who work there and also for the visiting family members. George has been designed to solve this problem. Using George will drastically improve comfort in residential care centres.”

– Myriam Claus, Director WZC Immaculata

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